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Learning Targets
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The learner will...

  • meet the presenter.

  • access the interactive agenda.

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Common Core State Standards Review

The learner will...

  • review the ELA CCSS strands and clusters.

  • understand the purpose of the Anchor Standards.

  • compare the standard progression across grade levels

......... (K-5)
  • develop an understanding of the ELA CCSS shifts.

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Reading Like a Detective


Part 1:

In a small group:

  • Identify a comprehension strategy of interest
  • Research the strategy on the symbaloo or cards provided.
  • Apply the strategy to your work:
    • Identify the name of the strategy
    • Identify appropriate grade level for strategy.
    • Write a brief summary of the strategy
    • Apply the strategy to a lesson idea

Part 2:


  • Review the charts posted on the walls.
  • Identify the strategies that you have used in the past with a blue dot.
  • Identify the strategies that you would like to use with a red dot.

Part 3;
As a group,

40 Ways to Read Like Detective

The learner will...

  • apply the ELA shifts to their work.
  • identify strategies that will enhance student comprehension.
  • apply strategies to their current lesson plans.




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Teaching Channel Video Resources

Grade K- Listening Comprehension

Grades K-2- Reading, Writing, and Role Play

Grade 3- Finding the Main Idea

Grades 3-5- Touchstone Text

Grade 5: Guided Reading

Grade 5- Analyzing a Text