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Link to today's presentation:

Now, I can:

  • Access the website where today's materials are housed
  • Contact the presenter if I need additional information
  • Access the virtual parking lot if I have questions



Learning Targets

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Introduction and Pre-assessment

The learner will...

  • Meet the presenter and colleagues in the room.

  • Agree upon a set of group norms.

  • Add to the grafitti write as a pre-assessment activity.

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Making Connections

The learner will...

  • Make connections between academic vocabulary and NCEES.

  • Make connections between academic vocabulary and the CCSS.

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Overview of Academic Vocabulary and

Instructional Implications

The learner will...

  • Describe the three tiers of academic vocabulary.

  • Identify tiered vocabulary words in a sample text.

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Applying your New Knowledge

The learner will...

  • Collaborate with grade level colleagues to identify academic vocabulary in a text they plan to use

00000in the near future.

  • Create an instructional plan to teach the words selected from the text.

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Teacher Tools

The learner will...

  • Locate resources that will be helpful as they teach academic vocabulary.

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In this part of the session I can:

  • Provide feedback to the presenter.