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Google Link: http://goo.gl/hRn29g

Now, I can:

  • Access the website where today's materials are housed
  • Contact the presenter if I need additional information
  • Access the virtual parking lot if I have questions






Learning Centered Objectives

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20 min

Overview of 21st Century Skills

Now I can...

  • Identify the 4Cs in practice.

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30 min

Do You Know the Rainbow?

Now, I can...

  • Recognize what 21st Century Skills are as defined by P21's Framework Definitions
  • Share what I know about Thinglink
  • Reach one and teach one about 21st Century Skills

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30 min

Activity: Identify the Theme
Share Out & Discuss

Now, I can...

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40 min

Understanding Technology Integration (GIST)

Now, I can...

  • Make informed decisions about technology use in the classroom
  • Apply technology concepts to future lessons
Activity Part I: Jigsaw Reading for the "A-ha!" Moment
  1. Break into two groups.

  2. Each participant will choose one of the articles or excerpts about technology above, and take a few moments to read silently.

  3. Choose a phrase or statement that stands out to you as an "a-ha" statement, a statement with which you strongly agree, or a statement that provides you with a new perspective.

  4. Graffiti-write your phrase or statement on your chart paper.

Activity Part II: Synthesizing our findings using GIST

  1. After everyone has a chance to write his/her phrase or statement, discuss your article/excerpt with your table. Discuss why you chose your statement, and use the chart paper to free write about your individual and collective thoughts as you discuss as a group.

  2. Based on your small group conversations, circle the seven most important words on your poster. These words may be found in either your statements or from your free writing.

  3. Use your seven words to create a one- to two-sentence summary of your insights into the concept of technology in the classroom.

  4. Select a representative from your group to access the Shared Google Presentation below and find the slide with your group number. Add your sentences to your slide by clicking the gear icon and accessing the Open Editor menu. Underline the seven words you selected as a group.

Share Your Work

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75 min

  • Technology Playground

    Review a technology tool and place
    your findings "on" the refrigerator.
  • Wrap Up/Reflection

  • Session Evaluation

View Results Here

Now, I can...

  • Share 21st century skills information with at least five others.
  • Provide feedback about today's session
  • Locate resources to use for continued future 21st century skill integration

“The resources provided during the course of this NCDPI training have been helpful to some educators across the state. However, due to the rapidly changing resources available, NCDPI does not represent nor endorse that these resources are the exclusive resources for the purposes outlined during this training."

Abstract: 21st Century skills stretch beyond technology integration and usage to skills students must have to be successful in today's and tomorrow's world. This session provides clarity on 21st century skills, as well as discussion and student activities to foster the development of these valuable skills.