Provide insight into the Open Class piece of Home Base and the features and functionality of using this collaboration suite.


Participants will receive an overview of Open Class from the Student and Teacher perspective.

  • Introduce Open Class

  • Create an exploration course

  • Facilitate exploration and creation

Learner Outcomes:
The learner will...
  • develop an understanding of the components of Open Class
  • understand and use the student perspective of Open Class
  • understand and use the teacher/instructor perspective of Open Class
  • develop an understanding of the features available in Open Class
  • create a course using Open Class

Open Class Overview Presentation

Activity 1 - Demonstrating the "Student Perspective"

Log-in using the Open Class URL and student user information below and provided by the presenters. Your number (XXX) will be given to you by the presenters.‚Äč

Student Accounts
User Email Address:
X = your number

Password: DPIStudentX (this is case sensitive)
X = your number

Once logged-in, please find the course "Region 1 Open Class Training Site" on the left hand side of our screen.

Activity 2 - Exploring the "Teacher Perspective"

Log-in to your live site and explore OR log-in to the Training Site using the username and password provided to you by the presenters.

Teacher Accounts
User Email Address:
XXX = your number

Password: DPITeacherXXX (this is case sensitive)
XXX = your number

Open Class Resources

Open Class Knowledge Base
Open Class Quick Start Guide
Open Class - Admin Tools
Open Class - Basic Navigation
Open Class - Building the Course Items
Open Class - Communication and Collaboration Tools
Open Class - Creating Course Content
Open Class - Management Tools
OpenClass Knowledge Base

Home Base IIS - Introduction to OpenClass (01-15-14) Vimeo (58:50)

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NC Summary Rubric - Summary of the Acheive, Inc. Open Education Resource Rubrics